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Monday, December 27, 2010

Fort Victoria, Isle Of Wight

Fort Victoria was built in the 1850s, around the same time as nearby Fort Albert. It was designed to defend Sconce Point at the Western entrance to the Solent, opposite Hurst Castle. The fort comprises a triangular set of casemated gunrooms facing out to the sea, with barracks to the rear. It was originally armed with ten 68 Pounders, six 32 Pounders and eleven 10-inch guns. It was disarmed by the end of the 19th Century, became a submarine mining depot, and continued to be used through WW2, although its use was mainly as a barracks. In the late 1960s, the rear barrack section was demolished, but fortunately the casemates were spared.

The remains of the fort now form part of the Fort Victoria Country Park, with some of the casemates being utilised as an aquarium, cafe and archeology centre.

Plan, courtesy of the Palmerston Forts Society

View across the parade ground

View of some of the casemates

View of the West Wing (from the roof)

View of the East Wing (from roof)

Underground Passage

Coal Store

Inside on the the gun casemates

Exterior of the East Wing Casemates

Exterior of West Wing Casemates

Concrete Gun Position

Nearby Fort Albert, now a private residence


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