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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Reigate Mobilisation Centre

This is one of thirteen Mobilisation Centres, which were built in the latter part of the 19th Century, to protect London in the event of an invasion. The design of the mobilisation centres differ slightly, and in the case of Reigate (also known as Reigate Fort), it takes the form of a long, irregular earth work. Surrounded by a shallow ditch, the fort contains three sets of casemates, which would have been used as barrack accomodation. The fort is now the property of the National Trust, who have in recent years tidied the casemates and installed interpretation boards.

Reigate Fort is generally open most days, but the casemates are only unlocked on special open days, and Heritage Open Days in September.

Entrance to the fort

Inside the tool store

The first set of casemates

The second set of casemates

Inside the second set of casemates

Another view inside

The third set of casemates, which has unfortunately been buried

View across the fort looking West

Looking back to the fort's entrance from the top of the casemates

View from the Fort of Reigate below


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