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Monday, May 07, 2007

The Caponier, Chatham

In fortification terms, a Caponnier is a defensive structure which projects into a ditch, or gallery which crosses a section of ditch, to allow gun fire on an assailant. This caponnier is a short underground passage, in the unrestored upper area of Fort Amerst, with gun ports and a short musketry gallery covering a section of the ditch.

This part of the Lines of Fort Amherst is not normally open to the public, this was a special tour.

The entrance to 'The Caponier'

Musket loops from the outside

Inside one of the gun rooms

Looking back to entrance

Turn in the passage
Lighting vent
Muskery loops
Looking back
Brickwork on the ceiling
Looking up to sealed entrance

Looking back down


Unknown said...

Is there anywhere in Medway/Kent that is completely abandoned but still accessible? x

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Love this place so much! Thanks Link here

Brett said...

Thanks for sharing your post with us.

Anonymous said...

I love this place.

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