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Friday, September 12, 2008

Llanberis RAF Ammo Depot, Wales

This old slate quarry and associated tunnels were converted into an ammo depot at the beginning of WW2. The ammo was brought in on a train and stored in a series of long galleries. The galleries were two storey, with vaulted ceilings on the upper level, and passages linking them. Lifts, which brought the ammo to the upper level, still remain. A large portion of the depot collapsed in 1942 covering a train and thousands of tons of bombs, but this area is now cleared and open.

Although this site was open for many years, it is now private and access has been restricted.

Looking down to the collapsed open area

In the collapsed open area looking towards the remaining part

The train portal, the track would have been on the right

Looking between the galleries on the lower level

One of the galleries on the lower level

Looking towards one of the ammo lifts
Closer view of the lift

An original sign, prohibiting spitting

Looking towards the steps to the upper level

One of the galleries on the upper level

Passage between the galleries

Another gallery

Another gallery, looking towards the ammo lift

Back down on the lower level

Tunnel leading out to open quarry at the rear of the depot

Looking back along the train portal

In the collapsed, now open, area looking towards the train tunnel

Inside the train tunnel

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