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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Langdon Battery, Dover

This battery was constructed at the turn of the last century and saw use during both world wars. It was originally mounted with three 9.2" guns and later with two 6" guns. It is now the home of the Dover Coastguard, the control room being built into one of the 9.2" gun positions, which has kept the site free from vandalism. The underground sections below the first two gun positions are used for storage and a tunnel links to the observation post on the cliffs.

It was with the kind permission of the staff at the coastguard station that I was allowed to visit this place.

View along the battery towards the coastguard station
The 6" positions

One of the 9.2" positions
The gun pit
Shell hoist in good condition

Inside the cartridge store

Inside the shell store

One of the magazines for No.1 gun

Looking back from further in

Inside the unlined section

Wartime graffiti

1939 graffiti

More wartime graffiti

End of the unlined passage

To the right metal rungs lead up to a manhole


anonymous1341 said...

hi i live roughly around here and think this place sounds gr8. do u no where the manhole cover u mention in the last image is and if its open atall. thanks:)

Anonymous said...

Love the details. Keep it up!

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Thanks for sharing this post. Keep it up!

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Nice post so far. Thanks Love the details. Keep it up!