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Monday, December 03, 2012

K5 Railway Gun Tunnels, Calais

These tunnels, located a few miles south of Sangatte, housed one of the huge WW2 K5 railway guns. The main brick-lined train tunnel is cut into a large chalk quarry in the hillside, with unlined spurs heading off at intervals, which were probably used as storage areas. On the top of the hill above are the remains of a few concrete bunkers, one of which gave access to the train tunnel via five sets of stairs. The obliteration of the surface bunkers and surrounding area shows that the allies were well aware of the railway gun's location and were trying to put it out of action.

 Remains of surface buildings

Remains of a Tobruk

 More damaged remains

Inside the bunker

One of the rooms on the upper level

Tunnel leading down

One of the five or so staircases down

More stairs

Main railway tunnel

Looking up the stairs
End of the train tunnel
One of the spur tunnels

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