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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Beacon Hill Fort, Harwich

The fortification of the large area known as Beacon Hill Fort dates back centuries. This is due to its key position on a peninsula between the rivers Orwell and Stour. It is an interesting site as it shows the development of weapons technology, with a number of WW2 gun positions being built on early 20th Century and late 19th Century emplacements. From North to South, the various components of the battery include: a WW2 radar tower; a early C20th 6" gun position, with a WW2 emplacement above; a WW2 three storey B.O.P; guard house & engine house; emplacements and magazines for C19thB L & QF guns; the underground main magazine and shelter; an 1890s Practice Battery and WW2 Cornwallis Battery. There are also many other remaining buildings, such as pillboxes, gun pits, search light emplacements and underground features; some of the magazines also retain their original shell hoists and iron racks. Unfortunately, the site has been open for many years and has been heavily vandalised. However, the site was purchased by enthusiasts in 2018 and it is currently being restored with public access.

Please visit for details of the project, opening times and volunteering info.

Gun emplacement & OP for Cornwallis Battery

6-Inch gun pit
Three storey Battery Observation Post
View across the battery to another 6-inch position
Stairs between the levels of the B.O.P
6" WW2 gun position built on early c20th gun pit

Ammo lockers

Magazine for early c20th 6" gun, below the above

Entrance to the shelter

Main tunnel inside the shelter

6" Gun postion
Practice Battery
Entrance to the main magazine
One of the passages inside

Shell hoist in good condition

Stairs up to sealed entrance

Ammo lift in Cornwallis Battery
Rear of gun position

Entrance to 'Kingsgate Magazine'

One of the many smaller magazines in Beacon Hill Fort

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