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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fort Nieulay, Calais

A fortification was built on this site as early as 1525 to protect the sluices which allowed water in to form a moat and act as a defence to the West of Calais. The current bastioned fort was designed by Vauban in the late 1600s, and still served the same purpose, with arches allowing water to flow through the centre. The fort has had many alterations over the years, and even contains a concrete WW2 bunker within it. Unfortunately, most of the surface buildings were destroyed during the war, although their foundations and the remains of cellars can still be seen.

The fort is only open during the summer, but entrance is free, it can be found near the Auchan Hypermarket.

The imposing main entrance to Fort Nieulay

The remains of the chapel (left) and the water channel in the centre

Remains of the arsenal

Entrance to the fort's main magazine

Inside the main magazine
Inside the water outlet chamber

Entrance to one of three small gun rooms

This is the only one with the gunport still unblocked

Remains of another entrance to the fort

Entrance to the smaller magazines

Inside one of them

Looking into the tunnel, which probably led inside one of the bastions

The powder magazine

The water inlet chamber

The WW2 bunker

Probably a WW2 shelter, this was close to the bunker
Remains of the barracks

Inside one of the casemates

Another entrance to the fort

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Anonymous said...

Yes, visited in Feb 2024, all quiet and shut. Will be heading back in the summer!