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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Newhaven Emergency Battery

This battery was constructed during WW2 to complement the guns at nearby Newhaven Fort. It is located on the cliff top just West of the fort and originally housed three guns with a number of auxiliary buildings located at the rear of the large concrete gun pits. The third gun position has been converted into a coastguard lookout. The control buildings have been bricked up, but some holes reveal the interior. An earlier battery, probably mid nineteeth century, is located nearby at the foot of the cliff.

This battery is on an open site and can be easily visited.

A view of the gun pit

Shell lockers and control room behind

Another view

One of the gun emplacements

One of the bricked up rooms

Inside one of the roomsSteps up to the gun positions

Observation post in the cliff face

Radar Position, and gun position at Newhaven Fort above
Old Battery of three gun emplacements

Magazine for the Old Battery


Anonymous said...

I remember getting down to that observation post with a mate of mine, when the fort was derelict in the 70's. It looked as if it had been built in a tearing hurry, and the only way down was via a 45degree inclined tunnel through the chalk, lined with corrugated iron (maybe there were steps beneath all the rubble, but we never found out), so it was a pretty dodgy descent. We thought it was a machine gun post. Last time I went back to the fort, there was no sign of the entrance, so maybe it was filled in as too dangerous.

Blogger said...

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what the holes in the cliff around the observation post are from? I've recently moved near here and found the gun emplacements on a walk but didn't know about the observation post