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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Chislehurst Caves

Chislehurst caves is the name given to a labyrinthe of passages originally dug as a chalk mine in West Kent. It is obvious, due to the extent of the workings, that they were excavated over a number of years, the majority of which was completed during the 19th Century. They have served a number of other purposes over the years, including being used as WW2 shelters, a mushroom farm and even for rock concerts. A number of remnants of previous uses can be found, including carvings, wall paintings and signs. Part of the caves, separate from the main section, is also currently used for Role-Playing-Games, on one visit to the caves I was able to see some of this part.

The caves are open as a tourist attraction and can be visited, extended tours are also available.

Just within the entrance
Modern brick arches, probably replacing a WW2 entrance
The 'Ticket Office' from WW2The cave rulesBrick supports added to one sectionSome kind of ventilation system

The WW2 section has many brick roomsFurther in the caves....

Further in the caves....
Further in the caves....
Further in the caves....
Further in the caves....

Gates in one section
Some of the wall paintings
Some of the wall carvings