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Monday, January 07, 2008

Batterie Oldenburg, Calais

Batterie Oldenburg was one of the main cross-channel coastal batteries constructed by the Germans in around 1940. It is located just East of Calais beyond the sand dunes near the old Hovercraft pad. The two 21cm guns were mounted in huge casemates, known as 'Turm Ost' and 'Turm West'. Inside the concrete structures were the emplacements for the guns with many rooms on two levels including shell stores and accommodation behind. Turm Ost remains complete, but Turm West has suffered from an explosion inside which has destroyed the floor and some of the internal rooms. There are many other bunkers on the battery site, most of which are open, including a hospital and Fire-command post.

These bunkers are open and can be visited, with care and the appropriate equipment.

Exterior of 'Turm West' Casemate

Inside the gun position
Gun mounting

Passage to magazines

Writing on the wall

Steps to lower level

Entrance to lower level passage

Passage on the lower level

Damaged area of passage

Turm Ost exterior

Inside the gun position

Magazines passage

Steps to lower level

Passage on lower level

Tiled room

Passage to further rooms

Inside another room

Entrances to FCP and Hospital

Red cross inside

Rooms inside

Mural on wall of room

Passage on the roof leading to observation post


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