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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Batterie Todt, Calais

This large coastal gun battery, located at Audinghen, West of Calais, was built in 1940. It was named after Dr. Fritz Todt, the mastermind behind the Nazi military engineering programme Organisation Todt. The guns of the battery were located in four large casemates, numbered Turm I-IV. Turm I now houses the Atlantik Wall Museum, which has examples of WW2 guns, ammunition and information about the battery and others in the area. Turm II located in some woods nearby, and has been sealed to preserve the interior. Turm III was blown up after the war, but the remnants can be viewed and help show the level contruction that went into the battery. Turm IV is located at the edge of a farmer's field and remains in good condition. There are many other bunkers located in woods around the battery, but a number of them have now been sealed.

Turm I can be easily visited, but care must be taken if visiting the others.

The Exterior of Turm I

Railway gun outside

Interior of Turm I, now housing various guns

On the lower level of Turm I

Pipe work on the lower level

Exterior of Turm II

Looking into Turm II

Part of the roof of Turm III

Remains of Turm III

Underneath the roof of Turm III

Exterior of Turm IV

Interior of the casemate
Looking the other way

Passage behind the gun area

Rooms at the rear of the gun position

Unfortunately, most of the stencilled signs have been covered with recent graffiti

Shelter at the rear of the gun position


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