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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fort Knock John, Thames Estuary

Fort Knock John is one of a series of Maunsell Navy Forts located in the Thames Estuary. It was constructed in 1942 and armed with two 3.75" guns and two 40mm Bofors guns. It takes the form of an iron gun platform mounted on two concrete pillars. The fort is now abandoned and in a poor state.

Non-boarding boat tours are available to Fort Knock John from the X-Pilot boat.

A view of Fort Knock John

The gun platform

Another view from the boat
The other side of the fort

Another view

Looking up to the gun platform


Anonymous said...

looks very impressive

Anonymous said...

look kool be great to be up close to it then just seeing it as a photo has anyone got any idea of how deep is the water its in?

Anonymous said...

The concrete towers are 60ft tall, the pontoon is 14ft deep, so an average tide would make the water roughly 20ft around the legs. It's spooky on board, particularly sleeping in the circular rooms. They each have six two tier bunks and you can hear the water splashing around outside

Mike barrington said...

There are 7 floors in each tower generator room is the top room in the tower with the windows that are Infact air in tacks for the engine cooling the 4 floors of acomidation then the armerie and fuel dump at the bottom of the leg on top of the pontoon

Jo Worman said...

Check the Southend Discussion Facebook page where I have posted photographs of the forts, including Knock John, taken in October 1944 when they were operational. My father, a Royal Engineer, was stationed on the forts during the war.

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