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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

East Demi Bastion, Dover

East Demi Bastion was constructed as part of a 19th Century upgrade of Dover Castle's defences.  Projecting from the East Ditch, it is located next to the cliff edge and combines a fortified guardroom, a gun battery (on the surface of the bastion) and underground tunnels. Entrances to the bastion were from a doorway in the East Ditch and from a staircase within the Castle itself.  The guardroom (at ditch level) has numerous original features remaining, including a Victorian fireplace and metal frames around the windows.  A staircase from within the guardroom complex leads down to a set of tunnels within the cliffs.  A brick lined parabolic vaulted chamber then leads to two lookout holes in the cliff face above the Eastern Docks.  The structural state of the bastion is good, but there has been little repair in recent years and it remains out of bounds to the general public.

This visit was arranged by FODC, the bastions in the East Ditch are not currently open to the public.


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