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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shoeburyness Experimental Battery

A large part of the former MOD land at Shoeburyness has now become residential, which has meant that some interesting military defences on the seafront have become accessible. Close to the old Gunnery School, is a Quick Fire Battery, which was mounted with two Breech Loading and two Quick Firing guns. The magazines were located at ground level in a large concrete structure and the guns were placed on the top Adjacent to the QF battery, an experimental gun emplacement can be found, as well as other gun mountings and a pair of CASL (Coastal Artillery Search Lights). Unfortunately, due to the now open position of these structures, they have been heavily vandalised.

Update 2011: the battery has now been sealed to prevent further damage, but can be seen from the outside.

The QF Battery

Entrance to the shell store


Close-up of shell hoist

Another shell hoist

Top of shell hoist

Inside another room

Rear of the battery

View of the gun positions on top of the QF battery

The experimental gun emplacement

Embrasure for the gun


Exterior view of the emplacement

Another gun emplacement close by

One of two searchlight positions close to the battery

Looking out of the searchlight position


Anonymous said...

Nice one colin.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting to see inside. It's well and truly sealed now so thanks for posting the pics.

Anonymous said...

Interesting facts

kcc said...

I was sent out to work on at this site on experimental naval projects during the 70's, whilst working at Chatham Naval Base. You could hear the explosive "booming noise" for miles around. Good pics. sad to see the delapidation.

Mike Swales said...

I was born in Shoeburyness -1941- and lived in barracks until 1953. These photo's represent my playground,and that of my brothers and friends .What memmories .We were chased off here many times by the WD police .

Anonymous said...

I was with the close by training regiment. And we often met with RA personnel from the exp.. I recall there being quite a few horses, which I believe were used on the sand flats. Any info. On this would be appreciated RW

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