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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Harwich Redoubt

Harwich Redoubt was built between 1808 and 1810 and is very similar to those at Eastbourne and Dymchurch. It takes the form of a ring of casemates, with gun positions on the roof and a parade ground in the centre. Like Eastbourne and Dymchurch, it was associated with a system of Martello Towers, and used as a barracks as well as stores. It is surrounded by a dry ditch, which is accessed via a sally port and it has no caponniers.

The redoubt is in reasonable condition and is opened during the summer months by volunteers, there are a few guns mounted and museum displays in some of the casemates.

Plan of the Redoubt


Looking along the top level of the fort

One of the guns

Cannon and embrasure

AA gun and mounting

Looking across the fort


Steps to lower level

Parade ground

Inside one of the casemates

Inside another casemate

Passage between the parade ground and the sally port

The Sally Port

Inside the ditch
Looking up to the drawbridge


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