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Monday, February 15, 2010

D.O.E Tunnels, Dover

Fire brigade plans of the 1970s name these 'D.O.E Tunnels', and they were at the time at the rear of the Dover Storage Company, in Limekiln Street. This area now forms a shipping company's yard. The tunnels themselves probably date back to the early 19th Century, but must have been worked over a period of years, and are just East of the Oil Mill Caves. There is evidence of use throughout the years, including use as air raid shelters during WW2, and a stairway seemingly built during this time links the tunnels to the main train tunnel nearby. A large portion at the rear of the tunnel has suffered a severe roof fall at both ends of a tunnel intersecting the main chamber. The brickwork in the main section is impressive and remains in good condition.

This is on private land, many thanks to the owners for allowing access, and to our knowledgeable guide.

The main chamber

Brickwork on the ceiling

Brick vent in the ceiling

Access to train tunnel on the right
Top of stairs

Looking down, it is bricked up at the bottom

One end of the main chamber

Looking into the low tunnel on the right of the above pic

Further inside

One of the roof falls at the far end of the main chamber

Looking over the collapse

Collapse at the other end


Wevsky said...

youve got doe and oil mills seperate.when in fact you have to go thru what you call oil mills to get into doe,and some of the pics from oil mills are what we call oil mills lower as at one point would have all been connected your verlay shows the full plans and both doe and oil mills lower are on them?!

Colin G said...

The reason is when I first visited we were not allowed in this section due to concerns about the precarious roof, but a few years later they said we could.

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