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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Brixham Battery, Devon

This emergency coastal battery was built in 1940 and remains largely complete and in good condition. Many of the batteries of this type have been demolished, but fortunately this was retained, and has now become a scheduled ancient monument. It is maintained by the Brixham Battery Heritage Group, and open to the public. The battery site covers 14 acres, and is partly in a wooded area, but the gun emplacements, searchlights, B.O.P and other buildings can be found. A small WW2 museum is also located on the site.

This site is well worth a visit, but check opening times for the mueseum.

Sandbagged small emplacement

Battery Observation Post

Inside the BOP

Tunnel leading to one the gun emplacements

Gun emplacement, with magazine behind


The other remaining gun emplacement

Rail for one of the guns

Camoflaged building

Searchlight bunker, one of two


Edgar Lawrance said...

The rail is from a much earlier gun/cannon

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Visit said...

Several attractions

Angel17 said...

The battery was built in 1940, but still, the battery remains completed. This is so cool.
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Brixham Battery in Devon stands as a well-preserved relic of WWII coastal defense, protected by the Brixham Battery Heritage Group. The site's historic gun emplacements, searchlights, and museum offer a glimpse into the past for visitors.