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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fort Burgoyne, Dover

This fort was built in the 1860s, after the Royal Commission of the country's defences. At this time the fortifications around the main naval bases and ports were strengthened. In Dover, this included an upgrade of the Western Heights and Dover Castle's defences. A conceived weak spot of the Castle was the North Spur, and a new fort, named 'Castle Hill Fort' was planned and built. It later became known as Fort Burgoyne, and was constructed as a polygonal structure, with a surrounding ditch, flanked by three demi-caponniers and a double caponnier to the North. Two detached wing batteries to the East and West of the main fort were also constructed in spurs off the main ditch. The main fort comprised a large parade ground, to the North of which was a long row of casemates, which provided the barrack accomodation for soldiers and officers. Above the casemates, on the terreplein, were Haxo Casemates, which housed the guns. The fort remained within the Connaught Barracks garrison area until recent years, which has meant that the interior is well presevered, the ditch is very choked with vegetation, however. It is unknown what the future holds for the fort, as the now vacant barracks are to be converted into accommodation.

UPDATE: November 2015 - The fort is now in the hands of the Landmark Trust, who have begun restoration / clearance work and hope to open it to the public in the future.

Plan, showing the fort and its two wing batteries. 
Entrance bridge to the fort
 View across the the terreplein

Inside a casemate

View across the parade ground

 Casemates at ditch level

Side elevation of the Caponnier

Elevation of a barrack room

Soldiers' quarters on the parade ground, looking East
Looking West
This passage leads to a fortified area above the double caponnier

View of the lower level of one set of Officers' Quarters

Inside one of the rooms

Window frames in excellent condition

Stairs up to the upper level

Passage on the upper level

One of the casemated barack roomCaponnier from the ditch

View of the sally port in the ditch
Gallery leading to caponier from the parade ground

Gun ports on the lower level
Gun ports on upper level, with iron shutter intact

Gun ports on the Left Flank Caponnier
Gate leading from parade ground to gallery
Upper level of caponnier

Musketry gallery on the lower level
Looking up to upper level of caponnier
This gives an idea of the height of this structure
Gun ports on the lower level


Anonymous said...

ive been to dover a few times now.

have u checked out fan bay deep shelter ??

Anonymous said...

Where is fan bay shelter found then?
Sounds intersting

Anonymous said...

In Fan Bay?

Anonymous said...
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Teresa Halminton said...

This place looks really cool. Thank you for the photos.

Anonymous said...

So far this is a nice place. Thanks

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Yeeey! this is so amazing. Thanks

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When is the parade ground open to the public

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