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Friday, May 12, 2006

Lydden Spout Battery, Dover

Lydden Spout Battery was constructed in 1941 on the cliffs between Dover and Folkestone. It is a similar design to that at Fan Bay to the East of Dover, both having been mounted with three 6" naval guns. The gun positions were demolished as part of the 'Eyesore 'Clearance' initiative of the 1970s, but their foundations can still be seen, and it is just possible to squeeze into the magazines and gun crew rooms directly behind each position. A Plotting Room, which was sealed for many years and a large deep shelter still remain on the site in good condition. Above ground, some buildings including former mess rooms, remain as cow sheds.

The site is now on open land and the cliff-top coastal path dissects the battery, passing alongside the original gun positions, the underground parts have been partially filled in.

Plan of Lydden Spout Battery

The remaining surface buildings


Shaft down to Plotting Room

Passage to Escape Hatch

Ventilation Plant Room

Inside the Plotting Room

Remains of a gun position

Passage leading to a Magazine

Inside the Magazine

Sign inside one of the Magazines
One of the Gun Crew Rooms

Entrance passage to Deep Shelter

Beginning of lined section

Inside one of the main passages

Another main tunnel

Graffiti inside

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