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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Barton's Point Battery, Sheerness

This gun battery at Barton's Point was built in the late 19th Century. It originally accomodated two 9.2-inch guns and two 6-inch guns. The magazines and associated stores are intact, but are unfortunately are full of rubbish and a foot of water. Two of the gun pits have also been converted into buildings with the addition of a concrete roof.

The battery site is now part of a camp site and was accessed with the kind permission of the owners.

Entrance to some of the magazines

Inside, showing water level
Explorers braving the water
'Ammunition Entrance' still visible on the wall
One of the 6" gun pits
One of the 9.2" gun pits converted into a building


Passage to the left of the gun position, rising water level prevented furter exploration

Entrance to a couple of smaller magazines

Inside one of them

Entrance to another set of magazines

Passage inside

Looking back to entrance

Main, flooded, corridor

One of the magazines

'Shell Store' above the door

Shell hoist

Another gun position converted to a building

Inside, it is now used to store boats

Chains and recesses on walls of the gun position


Anonymous said...

i grew up in sheerness and as a child i used to play in these magazines(hide and seek can be so scary in the dark) and others along the canal bank its nice to see that they havnt been demolished or re developed
thanks for a great reminder

Unknown said...

My Grandad was posted there in 1916 with the 5th labour company. if anyone has any information what they did or where they went as the war developed I would love to know. Thanks, Dawn Gingell

Janwil said...

I'm really impressed with the place! |

Anonymous said...

Love the whole content. Thanks for sharing! |

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making this blog so informative. Keep it up!