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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Snargate Tunnels West, Dover

These large tunnels are of unknown origin, but seem to have been used in the past as store rooms. They take the form of two large parallel vaulted rooms with an interconnecting passageway with a number of small alcoves. At the end of the second chamber a short passage leads to a pit and shaft, which seems to have been built to carry a pipe up to the site of the Grand Shaft Barracks above.

Note: revisit made 15/2/2010, with permission of the new owners. Very little has changed inside the tunnels and they remain empty and unused. Further research into the tunnels has led to their identification as 'Scott's Caves'. This is due to them being behind the former Messrs. Scott & Son's Dying and Dry Cleaners premises, who used the tunnels as stores and workshops. One tunnel was previously used by the Admiralty and the other as an Air Raid Shelter during WW2.

These caves are on private land, many thanks to the owners for allowing access.

Plan of the tunnels

Looking into Cave 'B'

Interconnecting passage to Cave 'A'
Looking towards cliff fall at entrance of Cave 'A'
Looking towards the rear of Cave 'A'

Passage to well shaft at rear of Cave 'A'
Inside the passage shown above
Looking down the well
Looking up the shaft
Tunnel spurring off from Cave 'A'
Dead chalk at end

Looking back


Anonymous said...

that was a funny trip there. LOL

Anonymous said...

how do u get to that part of the dungens

R.Hearn said...

I was trapped in Scotts cave, when a bomb hit the cliffe face above the entrance. after a while a gang of men one of which was my father,cleared enough of the chalk to enable us to escape.

Anonymous said...

Remember my father worked for Scotts Dyers and Cleaners when we moved to Dover in February 1959.
Went to the factory with him a few times, the caves were in much better condition back then, although I was not allowed to explore.

Anonymous said...

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