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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Air Raid Shelter, Dover

During the Second World War many existing caves and basements were re-used as air raid shelters. New tunnels were also excavated, some linking old cave systems and others being dug for the sole purpose of providing shelter. Many of Dover's tunnels, particularly those in the cliffs, are well known and have been visited by numerous casual visitors after the war, many of whom have left their marks on the walls! This tunnel is largely free from any graffiti, from either during, or indeed after, the War. It is well constructed, with a vaulted ceiling and rendered walls, both still retaining their white paint. There were originally four entrances, but three have now been sealed.

Many thanks to the owners for allowing me to visit this tunnel.

View into the tunnel
Further in, showing blast wall

Looking towards entrance

Looking up the ladder

Manhole cover on the top

This appears to have been a sign stencilled on the wall

Looking towards another entrance


Looking back to main tunnel

Blast wall at entrance

Sealed entrance

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