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Friday, May 19, 2006

Citadel Battery, Dover

Citadel Battery is located West of the main fortifications on the Western Heights. It lies outside of the defensive ditch system which surrounds the Western Outworks and Citadel and is a later addition to the area's defences. Construction began in 1898 and was completed in around 1901. Three 9.2" Breech Loading guns were mounted in the large concrete emplacements. The battery remained armed throughout the beginning of the 20th Century and was manned during WW2. Magazines for the guns were located in vaulted rooms directly below the guns, although the entrances to these have been filled with earth and the now bricked up Fire Command Post can be seen in the trees behind the battery. Signs of the battery's WW2 use can also be seen, including two mortar spigots and pill boxes. Old plans show that the accomodation for the battery was in the nearby Double Caponnier on the Western Outworks.

This battery is on open land and can be easily visited. Unfortunately this has meant it has suffered from vandalism since the 1970s.

Cross section, showing the now buried magazine entrances

Plan of the three emplacements

View along the battery

Looking towards one of the gun positions
Looking down on the gun pit
Shell hoist from magazine

Spigot Mortar

Fire Command Post

Rear of another gun position

View of gun pit

Entrance to some of the magazines, under the steps
Sign painted on entrance to magazines

Passage between the magazines

Rubbish thrown down shell hoist

Earth spilt down from shell hoist

Issuing hatches

Cartridge Store

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