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Monday, February 27, 2012

Coombe Valley Tunnel, Dover

This tunnel is a bit of a mystery. It is located some three quarters up a steep hillside above Coombe Valley and runs through the hillside to Noah's Ark Road. It first appears similar to an air raid shelter in construction, and there are a number of others in the area behind the hospital and Grammar School, but it is very narrow, so this is quite unlikely. A pipe runs through the tunnel, which may be a clue to its origin, and a similar, but much wider tunnel exists further down the road, which was built to carry a water main. The tunnel begins lined in concrete, for about 10ft, then there is a roof fall, which can be crossed and the tunnel continues for about 200ft unlined and then curves twice and continues until a collapse which blocks further access. Graffiti in the tunnel dates back to the 1930s, and there is a great deal from the 1950s right through to some modern etchings.



Concrete lined section

Inside the main tunnel

Inside looking back to entrance

Curve in the tunnel

Another curve
Continuing tunnel section

1930s graffiti

More graffiti

Collapsed end of the tunnel


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After about 10 feet of concrete lining did by retaining wall contractor near me, there is a roof fall that may be traversed, and the tunnel continues for another 200 feet without lining before curved twice more and ending in a collapse that prevents entry.