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Monday, May 07, 2007

The Sunken Courtyard, Chatham

The Sunken Courtyard is the name given to a set of casemated gun rooms in the unrestored upper area of Fort Amherst. They are sunken in a lower part of the ditch and have gun ports protecting one section of the ditch and Musketry loops covering them in a short gallery at a right angle to the Eastern most gun room.

This part of the fort is not normally open to the public, this was a special tour.

Entrance to the Sunken Courtyard

Inside centre gun room

Passage between the casemates

The western gun room
The eastern gun room
Looking back out
Passage to further rooms
Firing slits facing the ditch
Looking back into room
Another smaller gun room

Other casemates close to the Sunken Courtyard


Anonymous said...

is that the fort with water round in mate?

Anonymous said...

No mate, I think it's called 'The Sunken Courtyard' because it's sunk down in a ditch.

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