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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Parc Lead Mine, Wales

There are a number of mine workings in the Gwydyr Forest, the majority of which date to the 19th Century. The lower, and earliest levels of Parc Lead Mine are flooded, but access to the more recent upper parts is possible through an adit further up the hill. The mine is interesting as it is complete with the tracks and even the remains of an old mine cart.

Entry to the mine is not recommended due to missing floors between the levels, this visit took place with an experienced and adequately equip group.

Entrance to the mine

Inside the adit

Further into the mine
Another view

Looking along one of the main workings of the mine

This very tall narrow passage cuts through the ore

Another view

Timber supports still remaining

Remains of an old cart

Piles of wooden supports lay on the floor

Another view of the long adit


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