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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Batterie Lindemann, Calais

Batterie Lindemann was the largest of the Nord-Pas-De-Calais gun batteries. It consisted of three 40.6cm guns in 17 metre high concrete emplacements, named Anton, Bruno and Casar. The battery was located on high ground above the town of Sangatte and became operational in 1942. Over 2,200 shells were fired at Dover from Lindemann Battery during WW2 and part of the armoured plating from one of the guns remains on Dover seafront as a memorial. Unfortunately, when the Channel Tunnel was built, the battery site was used as a settling pond for the slurry produced and the emplacements are now covered by a lake. However, number of bunkers associated with the battery still remain, including the plotting room and observation post.

The plotting room is now on open land, but entry is not recommended as the floor is missing and lower level flooded. There are also deep, narrow shafts in the grass around the plotting room.

Ditch passageway to bunker

Entrance to the plotting room

Looking inside, note huge hole in the floor!

Looking back to entrance

Passage inside

Inside the main plotting room

Another view


Ship mural in one of the smaller rooms

Emergency exit


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