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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Batterie Waldam, Calais

This large WW2 gun battery is located East of Batterie Oldenburg. The area is a local nature reserve, and unfortunately very overgrown, which makes locating the different components of the battery very difficult. There are many concrete bunkers scattered around the site which housed the guns, stored the ammunition and accommodated the personnel. The bunkers have remained largely free from graffiti, probably due to the remote location, although there is substantial damage from the destruction of the battery after the war.

This battery is on open land, but care should be taken if visiting.

The observation tower and one of the bunkers

Inside the bunker shown above

Underground shelter for the battery
Remains of one of the guns, with broken barrel still in the undergrowth

'Bunker Rosemarie' above the entrance to another bunker

Casemate for a rotating gun

Rotating gun position, looking back to observation tower

Looking into the casemate

Looking through the hole in the floor to rooms below
Steps down to ammo stores below

Passage, with doors intact

The Western M270 bunker

Rear of bunker with gunport facing the entrance

Inside the walls are heavily damaged

Entrance to rooms

Passage beneath the gun position

Canteen area

Inside the canteen area

Inside another room

Machine bunker close to canteen area

Inside the machine bunker

The East M270 bunker

Passage inside

Rear of the bunker

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