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Monday, June 08, 2009

Hollingbourne Zero Station

In the event of the country becoming occupied during WW2, it would have been the task of the Auxiliary Units Special Duties Organisation to coordinate a sabotage. To aid this, a series of secret dugouts were established in rural areas, these would have radioed information to the cluster Zero Station, which in turn would have reported back to the H.Q. in Hannington, Wiltshire. Zero Stations were operated by women of the ATS, and were built to roughly the same design of a shallow bunker with two rooms and an escape tunnel. Many of these bunkers have collapsed over time, but the one near Hollingbourne in Kent, remains in good condition.

This is on open woodland, next to a footpath, but entry is not recommended if you have aracnophobia!

Entrance has a modern metal cover

Looking down into the bunker

Inside the bunker

Switch box on the wall

Looking back to entrance

The bunker is home to hundreds of cave spiders

Looking along the escape tunnel

End of the escape tunnel, partly blocked with earth

Escape hatch from outside


Unknown said...

As kids we found this place and used to hang out here. Early 1990.s

indomakmur said...

Rattling clean web site , regards for this post.

Unknown said...

Where abouts is this

Unknown said...

It's just off ringlestone road in Maidstone in the woodland with fields either side of it