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Monday, December 21, 2009

Cap Blanc Nez Bunkers, Calais

This location, high on the cliffs West of Calais, contains numerous bunkers of different types. They are the remains of the Stp. 109 Dusseldorf gun battery. Three observation bunkers are located directly in front of the Dover Patrol Memorial and a number of 622 and 621 type bunkers are scattered around the hillside. Remains of barracks, radar emplacements and underground shelters can also be found.

These bunkers are on open land and can easily be visited.

Observation bunkers

Close-up of one of the bunkers

One of the 622 bunkers

One of the many Tobruk turrets

Entrance to one of the bunkers

Entrance to another bunker

Inside one of the bunkers

Underground shelter

This shelter has cracked in half

One of the two Radar position

Interior of another bunker

Paintwork in another bunker

Inside another 622 bunker


Anonymous said...

Woaah nice place to visit. Thanks

Joe Trevino said...

Thannks for the post