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Friday, August 08, 2008

Paulsgrove Underground WW2 Radio Station, Portsmouth

Sited in large chalkpit behind Paulsgrove, on Portsmouth's Portsdown Hill, are some World War II underground workings. They are believed to be a radio facility for the nearby underground HQ at Fort Southwick. Inside, there are two main rooms on different levels, lined with steel sheeting and supporting girders, the standard style for the for military tunnels at the time. These are accessed via two unlined adits in the quarry face. No artifacts remain in the tunnels and they have obviously been visited by many people over the years, the entrances however, are now some 30ft up the face of the quarry as chalk continued to be quarried after the war.

These tunnels are on open land, but if visiting care must be taken.

The quarry face

The two entrances are located some 40ft up
One of the two entrances

Unlined access tunnel

Inside the main tunnel on the lower level

Stairs up to the upper level

Looking up the stairs

The upper level tunnel

Looking back to stairs

Access tunnel to the upper level

Lined room to the left of the entrance