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Monday, April 06, 2009

Brede Southen Water Bunker

This bunker is one of three built by Southern Water as an emergency control centre to become operational in the event of nuclear war. It was never completed and work on the bunker appears to have stopped in 1992, which ties in with the ROC stand down. It remains within the Southern Water waterworks site at Brede, and has remained in pristine condition, with much of the equipment still present and in working order. The bunker is now used by an amateur radio club, BSARs, who open it up in conjunction with the Giants of Brede steam event.

This bunker is worth visiting, and open days are announced on the BSARS website (

Entrance to the bunker

Thick double doors forming an air lock inside

Decontamination showers just inside the entrance

Looking back to entrance

Corridor linking the rooms in the bunker

One of the larger rooms

Sinks and toilets

Air filteration room

The Faraday Cage, used to prevent EMP from damaging equipment

Escape hatch

Looking up the ladder

Escape hatch on top of the bunker


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