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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Henley Grove Fort, Surrey

This fort was one of thirteen Mobilsation Centres, which were built at the end of the Nineteenth and beginning of the Twentieth Century. They were fortified stores which were designed to aid the defence of London and stretched from Guildford in Surrey to North Weald in Essex. Most of the centres have been either converted or demolished altogether but Henley Grove, on 'The Mount', near Guildford, seems to be one of the best preserved. It is owned by Surrey Council and used as an education centre and as a base for re-enactors. The adjacent Tool Store and Caretaker's Cottage are private residences.

This MC is generally closed to the public but opened as part of Heritage Open Days.

Plan showing the front elevation of the casemates and magazines

Site plan of the fort


Centre of the fort

Another view

Passage between inside the casemates

Lighting passage surrounding the magazine

Shifting area

Inside one of the casemates

Facade of the casemates

View from the roof

Looking back to the entrance and the cottages beyond


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