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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Dumpy Level Tunnels, Dover Castle

'Dumpy' is the name given to a set of tunnels located beneath Dover Castle.  It was constructed in 1942, as an addition to the existing tunnels, to provide space for a combined army, navy and airforce headquarters. During the Cold War period it was converted into a Regional Seat of Government. In the event of a nuclear attack it would have housed the people necessary for the continued governing of the country when radiation levels were considered safe. A BBC studio was even included within Dumpy to allow broadcasts post attack. Fortunately, a nuclear attack never happened and the bunker did not need to be used. Dumpy was stripped of most of its contents after the Cold War stand down and remains a largely empty set of corridors.  It is not generally open to the public but in recent years tours have begun to happen, thanks to English Heritage.

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