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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Eastbourne Redoubt, Sussex

Eastbourne Redoubt was constructed at the beginning of the 19th Century, and like its twin in Dymchurch, was used as a barracks and stores for the Martello Tower system. It takes the form of a complete ring of casemates, which were the barrack rooms and magazine, with a parade ground in the middle and a ditch surrounding the structure. The only major structural difference between this and Dymchurch, is the caponniers in the ditch.

The Redoubt is open to the public and contains various military artefacts and displays.

Model of the Redoubt on display


Casemates on the parade ground

Passage linking the casemates internally
One of the barrack rooms

Looking back into one of the casemates from a caponnier

Looking into the caponnier

Looking into another caponnier

Internal steps up to tereplein
Steps from parade ground to tereplein

View across the top of the fort

View along the gun positions

Caponnier from outside

Looking towards another caponnier further along the ditch


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