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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pett Emergency Coastal Battery, Sussex

This typical example of a World War II coastal battery was mounted with two 6-inch guns. It is located on Toot Rock, a rocky mount at the Western end of the Royal Military Canal (a Napoleonic defence along the coast between Pett and Hythe in Kent). Many other batteries of this type have been demolished, but this one survives in reasonable condition, with the Battery Observation Post, Crew Shelter, No.1 gun position (and its underground magazines) still extant. No.2 gun position was located East of the remaining parts of the battery, but was demolished and now forms the foundations of a house.

No.1 gun position is on open land, and can be visited.

Battery Observation Post

The Western end of the Royal Military Canal

Rear of the B.O.P.

Interior of the B.O.P

Concrete platform and B.O.P

Ladder down the the underground magazines for No.1 Gun

Passage between the two stores

Inside one of the stores

Magazine ammo bays

Roof of the crew shelter

Interior of the shelter

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sadly now the observation block is gated off. Also the is loads of rubbish in the main building. Still worth a visit though.