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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shivering Sands Maunsell Army Forts

Shivering Sands Army Forts are a set of Maunsell Sea Forts similar to Red Sands. They were built on land in taken out to sea to be constructed in 1943. Anti-Aircraft guns were originally mounted on the top and accomodation rooms located below. As with the Red Sands Forts, they were decomissioned in the 1950s, but saw new life during the 1960s as the base of pirate radio stations. Unfortunately, the searchlight tower has already been removed, its place now marked by a buoy, and the future of the other towers in uncertain.

Boat tours are available to the forts via Bayblast or the X-Pilot boat, unfortunately no ladders remain, so boarding the forts is no longer possible.

View of all the towers

Closer view

Looking at the bases of the towers

The start of the gangway between the towers can be seen here

Close-up of the centre tower

Another zoomed-in view

Another view

Some of the other towers

Another view

A final view of the towers


Anonymous said...

It has been mentioned that the Searchlight Tower has been removed. Although one of the seven original towers is missing, with just a stump evident, it was actually a gun tower and was not removed as such. Rather it was knocked over into the water as the result of a collison by a vessel in thick fog in 1963.

Don Keza said...

Excuse me, isn't there a movie about this place?
I mean, I watched it a long time ago and I dont remember the name, but I'm pretty sure it was the same towers.

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Anonymous said...

The film is "Not so jolly roger" a Dangerman film,d.d2k

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