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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Aerial Photos of Forts

Here are some collections of interactive aerial photos of fortified areas featured on this website, supplied by Google Maps. Hopefully, these should give a better idea of the scale of these impressive forts, which is often best appreciated from above. One can zoom in, or view a larger version, if required. I have tried to make the order logical, i.e. the Wight fortifications go clockwise around the island. I will add more as time allows. Please click a photo below to select the area.

Dover Defences
Horseshoe Bastion

Medway Defences
Fort Clarence Gun Tower, Rochester

Thames Defences
Cliffe Fort, on the Thames Estuary

Portsmouth / Gosport Defences
Fort Southwick, Portsdown Hill

Isle of Wight Defences
Golden Hill Fort, Totland

Nord Pas De Calais Defences
Stp. Dresden, Sangatte

Coming soon...

Plymouth Defences
Egg Buckland Keep, Plymouth

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