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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Fort Fareham, Hampshire

Fort Fareham is one of a number of forts built in Gosport after recommendation by the Royal Commission of 1859. It was completed in 1864 and takes the form of an irregular polygon surrounded by a ditch. The ditch was defended with caponniers and guns were mounted in Haxo Casemates on the ramparts. The centre of the fort formed a parade ground, which was surrounded by casemated barrack rooms. In recent years the fort has been converted into a business centre; the ramparts, ditch and caponniers remaining abandoned.

This fort can be visited, but the casemates are privately owned.

Plan, courtesy of the Palmerston Forts Society

View of the overgrown caponnier

Casemated gun rooms

View of two of the dilapidated casemates

In the centre of the parade ground

More casemates converted into office units
Stairs up to the ramparts

View underneath the steps

Observation post on the roof of the casemates

More casemates

Another view


Unknown said...

u should of have a look inside there is also 3 tunnels on top if you follow them you can get inside

Jim said...

Its great to see the casements are still standing and being put to good use!

Unknown said...

Fantastic web site so comprehensive... great to see so much effort and care currently compiling a book so may be in touch

If you are interested I have some more images on flickr

keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

is this haunted by the drummer boys

Unknown said...

Were are the tunnels to get in the fort

Unknown said...

Hi can you still get inside fort fareham

Unknown said...

Just restored two of these units. Made new bullseye and half moon windows to original design and made some double and single doors for underneath. Was a enjoyable project saddened to see how much these have been neglected by the council over the years. The original brickwork in most of the vaulted rooms has been rendered in a concrete which for a fort covered in mud is a complete no no as the original bricks were porous and the line pointing self healing but now they can’t breath and dry out as concrete can’t breath and they have major damp and mould problems shame because the brickwork in the vaulted ceilings is beautiful and a work of art unsurpassed today.

Anonymous said...

Only just found this. Its very nostalgic for me. Back in the mid 1960's Fort Fareham was my adventure playground! Me and my little gang would come across the fields where the football stadium now is and enter through the wooded area. We found army helmets and all sorts of other stuff and there were military office signs still there. We would run around creating mock battles and take Tizer and crisps for lunch. The echo's around the parade ground were amazing.
Looking back, it was pretty dangerous, rotting floorboards, rusty railings, broken glass etc. but we loved it and all survived! I wonder if anyone else remembers this period?

Anonymous said...

Hey. I work in one of the tunnels. They are very deep and are used for storage mostly. Don’t try to get inside the tunnels as they are all alarmed (company property) however I can try send photos?

Shaun said...

Went down there yesterday with some climbing gear and got into one of the tunnels. Didn't venture around much in there tho as Flash light died but planning another trip very soon. Anyone up for it?