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Monday, March 09, 2009

Gravesend Civil Defence Bunker

This bunker is situated in Woodlands park in Gravesend on the site of a WW2 air raid shelter. It was built in 1954 as a command centre for local emergency services, to be utilised in the event of a nuclear attack. Although the necessity for its use thankfully never came about, it was fitted out and made ready to become operational. The interior of the bunker has now been authentically restored by a group of volunteers, and houses an interesting collection of items, including a mock ROC post.

This bunker is opened to the public on special open days.

Entrance to the bunker

Corridor inside

Further along the corridor
Inside one of the rooms

WW2 helmets which were being re-used

Ventilation plant room

One of the dorm rooms
Elson chemical toilet, the only form of toilet in the bunker


Telephone comms room


Unknown said...

when is the bunker open?

Unknown said...

Grew up in the area, went to school in GE late 70's early 80's Cold War. As school kids we always squad we'd run to woodlands in event of a nuclear attack... Didn't know it existed till I saw this!!!