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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fort Brockhurst, Gosport

Fort Brockhurst formed part of the 'Gosport Advanced Line', along with forts Elson, Rowner, Grange and Gomer, positioned to protect Gosport from the West. It was completed in 1862 and takes the form of a polygonal structure, with a moat protected by a caponnier, and an adjoining fortified circular keep. There is a long row of casemates on the parade ground, above which are Haxo Casemates for the guns.

The fort is now used by English Heritage for storage, and although in a good state of preservation, unfortunatly not often open to the public. This was a private tour, thanks to English Heritage.

Plan, courtesy of the Palmerston Forts Society

Entrance to the fort is through a bridge into the keep

Inside the keep's courtyard

On the top of the keep looking down

Inside the keep's gun rooms

Looking out to the courtyard from one of the casemates

One of the keep's defensive caponniers

Inside one of the defensive caponniers

View along one row of the barrack rooms

Looking along the top towards the Haxo Casemates

Inside one of the Haxos

Inside one of the barrack rooms below the guns

Passage linking the casemates

Passage to caponnier and scarp gun rooms

Inside the caponnier

The caponnier from outside

The stables
These casemates were destroyed during WW2,
exposing the gun gallery behind


Anonymous said...

In September 1955, as a regular in the Royal Air Force, I was posted to Fort Brockhurst and was billetted there until moving to HMS Seahawk near Helston in Cornwall.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know about the tunnels that lead from Fort Brockhurst to somewhere near St Vincent in Forton road?

Anonymous said...

There is no tunnels - would be impossible to build due to the type of ground.

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