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Saturday, October 20, 2007

St Margaret's Deep Shelter

Nothing above ground remains of the 5.5" gun battery east of St Margaret's, but below ground a deep shelter can still be found. It was constructed during WW2, but does not seem to have been completed as there is a long unlined section. The main entrance has been sealed, and the only access is through a secondary entrance at the end of the unlined section. The main tunnel section is formed by two parallel tunnels connected by smaller, narrow tunnels. This part is lined with steel shuttering and supporting iron RSJs, and remains of an inner ply wood lining can still be seen. Conditions inside are good, but the timber props have rotted away and are therefore not providing any support in the unlined part.

This shelter is on open land, but entry is not recommended due to a very dangerous hole opening onto the cliff face, the cliffs in this area are also very unstable due to coastal errosion.

Looking along the unlined section
The hole rather dangerously opens onto the cliff face

Looking back from part of the way in
End of unlined sectionLooking back to the entranceInside the main tunnelOne of the connecting tunnels
Curve in the tunnelEnd of tunnel, bottom of stairs to exit

Looking up to the blocked exit
Inside the second main tunnel
Another smaller tunnel joining the main tunnels


Anonymous said...

superb site. very informative thanks for the hard workd

Unknown said...

Can i ask for a location of this tunnel. I am a local(local Farmer) so i know most of them but im not familiar with this one.
great site

Anonymous said...

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Colin G said...

Hi it's near the Dover Patrol Memorial on the cliff edge.

Unknown said...

Um what?

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